The Many Angles

vidrio-en-la-arquitectura-10 Many times the word “entrepreneur” is code for “jack-of-all-trades”. From setting up a wireless printer to editing financial models to navigating tax code, entrepreneurs have to do it all at one point in time or another. [...]

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The Window or the Mirror: Where do you look?

trial 1 with small mirror_800
In Good to Great by Jim Collins, the pattern of “the window and the mirror” is introduced when talking about the leaders of companies that made the leap from “Good” to [...]

Define Your Own Success

Here at Rising Pyramid, we have spent a lot of time discussing and advocating for the development and application of metrics. Many of the metrics revolve around the concept [...]

Celebrate our Failures

I read a line in a book recently that made me pause for a bit. “Anything worth doing is worth failing at.” I immediately began to think of organizations like [...]

Communication Is Key to Collective Impact

Vector concept of creative teamwork
I had the opportunity to do some community service this past week, in which our team was tasked with teaching a class of second graders about community and [...]

Why Mobile is Key to Development

Ineffective development and infrastructure growth plans have prevented Africa and much of the developing world from operating on a similar level to the developed world. Yet [...]

Imagination is More Important than Knowledge

Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world-albert-einstin-quote
This is quite the interesting quote, especially considering the person who coined it. Albert Einstein, one of the most intelligent people to walk this earth, believed that our [...]

The Bottom of the Pyramid is constantly changing

“The two hardest things in life to deal with are success and failure.” - Author Unknown I ended my last post mentioning a way Social Entrepreneurship can continue [...]

An Introductory Glance at International Cause Marketing

Today’s guest post is by Sara Beth Farney who founded CreateACTivity, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing funding for the facial reconstructions of children [...]

Nonstandard Marketing at the BoP

As many companies either contemplate an entrance into the Bottom of the Pyramid (BoP) market or with prior experience know: you must throw out many of your previous business [...]

Definitions of a Social Entrepreneur

Many times in conversations with others, I am asked the question: “What do you mean social entrepreneur? Oh, like Facebook or Twitter?” Often, I respond with a careful [...]