The Many Angles

vidrio-en-la-arquitectura-10 Many times the word “entrepreneur” is code for “jack-of-all-trades”. From setting up a wireless printer to editing financial models to navigating tax code, entrepreneurs have to do it all at one point in time or another. [...]

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Leverage your network with partnerships

Many entrepreneurs face the trade off on where to spend their time.  Where is value added the most?  Should I spend time at this meet and greet event, hoping to grow my [...]

Don’t Stop at ‘Good Enough’

I have a love/hate relationship with Google. Most of Google’s products and services are pretty fascinating. Street view? Maybe it has been around long enough to lose [...]

A test for your passion

“Find a job that you love and you’ll never work a day in your life” - Confucius When you’re passionate about your work or your hobby, the ‘work’ becomes less [...]

My First Experience Micro-lending

In our short time writing on this website, I’m not sure who really defines the ‘audience’ that we write to. Considering the wide range of knowledge from social [...]

Major in Social Entrepreneurship

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Students in the Engineering for Sustainable World (ESW) student group at Northwestern University have recently proposed two plans to providesustainable solar energy to one of [...]

“It’s All a Game”

BOP markets break our traditional ways of thinking and acting. This might be their biggest allure and challenge alike. Unless we are willing to discard our biases, this [...]

Behavior Change: the biggest challenge facing social entrepreneurs

Manufacturing solar powered lanterns? Easy. Developing a mobile wallet for farmers who don’t even have motorized vehicles? Simple. Turning human waste into cheap [...]

Remember to thank the trailblazers

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Social entrepreneurs are often trailblazers whether they like it or not. Seeking to fill a void in the business world opens up enough challenges, yet doing so in a market or [...]

Moving the needle ever so slightly

Much of what we talk about here at Rising Pyramid is the large scale change that is happening at the BoP with respect to sustainable and user-centric innovation.  The [...]

Sweetening the pot for entrepreneurs

One of the largest questions entering SOCAP this past week was how we can take the level of effort to the next level with regards to social entrepreneurship.  The energy is [...]