The Many Angles

vidrio-en-la-arquitectura-10 Many times the word “entrepreneur” is code for “jack-of-all-trades”. From setting up a wireless printer to editing financial models to navigating tax code, entrepreneurs have to do it all at one point in time or another. [...]

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A Social Entrepreneurs Guide to Camouflage

On Wednesday, Chris posted a new cover photo on our facebook page; it was a picture of a beautiful parrot blending in with a green tree.  It was a perfect example of [...]

Don’t just blend in

On a daily basis, is your goal to stand out from the crowd, or blend right into the wallpaper and avoid any attention? Often times we may find ourselves at this juncture [...]

Sunday Morning Coffee: Persistence

“Energy and persistance conquer all things” ~Benjamin Franklin It’s hard to ignore this quote when it comes from someone who was not just a founding father of our [...]

Little Successes

Every entrepreneur hits a point at least once when they suddenly feel that whatever it is they are making won’t make much of a difference at first.  The fact of the matter [...]

What more can we learn?

Stanford Social Innovation Review posted a great article about the importance of data in the non-profit world, and how one specific organization, Data Without Borders (DWB) [...]

Metric Mindset

You manage what you measure. This is one of the wisest pieces of business advice.  It is true: we optimize for stats we can measure, from business to sports to shopping [...]

Boy, I really wish they invented Solar Lanterns*

(*Insert innovative product here) How many folks at the Bottom of the Pyramid woke up every morning lamenting the fact that their kerosene lamps weren’t [...]

Sunday Morning Coffee: Be a Zebra for your Friends

Friendships spring up naturally, sometimes fade, and generally are thought of as a given.  Each of us have a few very close friends, many quasi-close friends, and then of [...]

Why Social Entrepreneurs Should Study Games

One of the biggest challenges social entrepreneurs face is encouraging their consumers to make fundamental, simple changes in their behavior.  Last week I wrote about how [...]

The Power of Networks

News on the ‘inhabit another planet’ front appears slow; meanwhile, the world’s population continues to increase at a staggering rate. One way or another, the world is [...]