The Many Angles

vidrio-en-la-arquitectura-10 Many times the word “entrepreneur” is code for “jack-of-all-trades”. From setting up a wireless printer to editing financial models to navigating tax code, entrepreneurs have to do it all at one point in time or another. [...]

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As MFIs take one step forward

The recent actions by the government of Bangladesh should be condemned in the strongest of manners. Despite Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s repeatedattempts to discredit the [...]

The Pipeline to WIBB

wapo and pipelines
As the name implies, social entrepreneurship is about starting socially focused businesses.  Generally, in the long-run social businesses will be bought or traded, so what [...]

Make it easier for customers to use your product

No matter how elegant a product is or how many features it packs, if a consumer’s more basic needs are not met, you won’t get any buyers. It’s fairly obvious that you [...]

Industry Clusters

Did you ever notice that industries & similar jobs tend to cluster in particular areas?  Tech in Silicon Valley, Film in Hollywood, Finance in New York, Oil and Gas in [...]

Savoring the Bottom of the Peanut Butter Jar

Since I was a kid I’ve watched my Mom deftly scrape out every morsel of a peanut butter jar before throwing it out.   She did her best to not waste a thing. I can’t [...]

Just Don’t Blow Hot Air

A blow torch can lift a hot air balloon, but when the flame dies down, the hot air balloon doesn’t have much time left. On Monday, Chris wrote about the importance of [...]

Is your energy negative or positive?

I recently attended the commencement ceremony at the University of San Diego where Al Carey, CEO of PepsiCo Americas Beverages spoke. His speech was aimed at the graduating [...]

Sunday Morning Coffee: Matchups

In sports, people often talk about the importance of matchups.  Size matchups, skill matchups, grit matchups. In fact, any given sports team has a variety of strengths and [...]

Build Off Your Weaknesses

Life is easier when you play to your strengths, but it isn’t necessarily better. If you watch kids, most of them will get bored and lose interest if something is too [...]

Always Be Learning

“Always Be Closing” - Glengarry Glen Ross In the iconic movie, Glengarry Glen Ross, Alec Baldwin famously preaches this line which has become the inspiration for many [...]